White Papers

Active Power Inc. is an established provider of efficient, reliable and green critical power solutions that ensure business continuity in the event of power disturbances. Our expert system engineers and worldwide service and support teams ensure that enterprises around the globe have the power to perform.

Improving Sustainability with Flywheel UPS

Over the next 30 years new technologies for clean energy storage and generation will enter the global supply chain.

But today operators of energy-intensive facilities such as data centers, hospitals, and manufacturing plants may be overlooking one straightforward place to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions: their uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

High efficiency UPS systems for a power-hungry world

This paper will discuss the vast differences in efficiencies of various three phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems available in the marketplace and demonstrate, through laboratory studies and actual field measurements, that flywheel based UPS systems, such as those manufactured by Active Power, Inc., provide dramatically better efficiency across the board than conventional double-conversion UPS with batteries. This higher efficiency can result in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual cost savings for typical data centers.

Critical power systems. The lifeline of the health care industry.

The modern health care industry relies on clean, always-on electrical power more than ever before. Facilities ranging from mammoth hospital data centers to small medical imaging suites need power in order to ensure quality and affordable patient care.

Operation and performance of a flywheel-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system

This paper describes the operation, configuration and performance of integrated flywheel based UPS systems. This family of products is battery-free and incorporates a modular design that allows field capacity expansion and internal redundancy.

15 Seconds versus 15 Minutes

This paper will discuss the issue of required ridethrough time in a mission critical UPS (uninterruptible power supply) application. The current practice and Uptime Institute tier classification requires 15 minutes or more runtime due to antiquated perceptions. The 15 minutes ride-through is largely driven by the deployment of chemical batteries and does not consider recent and proven technologies such as flywheel technology.