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Active Power UPS technology is supporting the world’s transition to sustainable energy

Sustainability means creating future-ready infrastructure for a power ecosystem built on efficiency, flexibility, clean energy storage and circularity.

Active Power’s sustainable strategy is built around maximum energy efficiency, long-term operation, reliability, and less waste.

A more sustainable solution for power protection

Flywheels are more sustainable than batteries for the following reasons:

  • They lack toxic materials
  • They have a smaller environmental footprint
  • They have a longer lifespan
  • They have a higher efficiency
  • They require less maintenance
  • They involve simpler manufacturing
  • They are are easier to recycle and pose fewer risks of environmental contamination

These factors make flywheels a greener and more eco-friendly choice for various applications.

Active Power’s products are designed for maximum clean energy output for minimum resources

Active Power and sustainable transformation

Across the globe Active Power is helping traditional and transformative industries meet green power sustainability objectives through the benefits of long-term low carbon energy infrastructure investment.


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