Single Module System (SMS):

  • 250kW – 480V @ 60Hz
  • 225kW – 380V / 400V / 415V @ 50Hz

Multi Module System (MMS):

  • 250kW to 2000kW – 480V @ 60Hz
  • 225kW to 1800kW – 380V / 400V / 415V @ 50Hz

Half the Size of legacy UPS battery-based UPS systems.

Up to 98% efficiency for optimal energy use.

Unmatched Reliability for critical operations.

Wide Operating Temperature up to 40°C.

20+ Years, No Battery Changes hassle-free operation.

The Next Generation of Green, Battery-Free UPS From Active Power

Modular UPS offering a wide range of modular and redundant backup power systems with industry leading footprint, efficiency and reliability.

The built-in flywheel energy storage takes up less than half the footprint of battery based systems, delivers efficiency up to 98% and lowers total cost of ownership by up to 40% over the life of the product. This field proven technology is based on a highly fault tolerant IGBT architecture designed to protect all critical loads.

Stored energy will provide ride-through up to 2 minutes depending upon configuration, making the CLEANSOURCE® XT has a clear alternative to modular static UPS systems reliant on battery storage. The MMS modular UPS system has more than enough energy storage for diesel starting and synchronization, even when paralleling generating sets. Elimination of batteries saves space and weight, reduces site testing and maintenance and removes the need for routine replacement after a few years of service life.


Extended Ride-through Capability – Up to 2 minutes of continuous power supply.

Space-Efficient Design – Occupies only 50% of the space compared to traditional battery-based UPS systems.

Redundant Cooling and Control – Equipped with redundant fans and control power units for added reliability.

Reduced Maintenance – Lower maintenance and service requirements for cost-effective operation.

Intuitive Color LCD Touchscreen Display – User-friendly interface for easy monitoring and control.

Built-in Power Factor Correction – Ensures efficient power delivery.

Dual Input and Integrated Maintenance Bypass – Ensures uninterrupted power and simplified maintenance.

Extended Design Life – Designed for a 20-year lifecycle, no disruptive battery replacements.

High Efficiency – Achieves up to 98% efficiency, minimizing energy waste.

Scalable Design – Field-expandable to accommodate changing power needs.

Energy-Efficient Cooling – Lower cooling demands for cost savings.

Cost-Effective Installation – Affordably installed to meet your power requirements.

Remote Monitoring Capability – Allows remote monitoring and management for added convenience.

Generator Compatibility – Seamlessly integrates with backup generators.

Seismic Provisions Available – Consult factory for seismic compliance options.

Scalable Building Blocks – 250kW building blocks expandable to 2000kW to adapt to your growing power needs.

Power Management & CS View

Data Integration into your Building Management Software:

Monitor your AP UPS with your current BMS software package via MODBUS TCP or SNMP.

Active Power CSView Monitoring & Control Software Included.

  • Real time telemetry and continuous monitoring of your critical power system.
  • Over 200 telemetry points.
  • Ethernet Connections available.

Flywheel Technology

Stores 6.2 MJ of energy; up to 2 minutes of runtime (load dependent); wide ambient temperature range 0ºC to 40ºC and high density, high efficiency design.

  • SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Over 96% efficient at 40% load and up to 98% efficient at 100% load.
  • REDUCED COOLING NEEDS – No need for dedicated cooling for batteries.
  • LOWER MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS – Routine annual check-up and bearing change every fourth year.
  • NO BATTERY CHANGES – Integrated flywheel with 20+ year operational life.
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Modular & Scalable Architecture

CLEANSOURCE® XT MMS systems are modular and capable of multiple redundancy levels (N+1, N+2,…). Customers may readily expand their systems in line with their own growth needs by adding further modules over time. Each system consists of an input/output cabinet (IOC), a system cabinet (SC) and the ability to connect up to four 250kW modules with built in wireway. In total, 8 modules can operate in a single system, providing up to 1800kW of high efficiency, battery-free UPS power.

CLEANSOURCE® XT MMS Series UPS can be configured up to 2000kW.

Keeping Your Power Pure and Uninterrupted

The CLEANSOURCE® XT MMS is based on Active Power’s Parallel Online Architecture which provides excellent isolation between input and output, while delivering Class 1 voltage regulation and dynamically cancelling effects of non-linear load harmonics. This topology continuously provides online power protection to your facility, creating a clean sinusoidal output waveform and protecting critical operations against all nine IEEE power disturbances in a power dense, reliable, and energy efficient package.


  • CLEANSOURCE® XT MMS UPS UL - 60Hz | 250 - 2000 kW | 480V

  • CLEANSOURCE® XT SMS UPS CE - 50Hz | 225 kW | 380/400/415V

  • CLEANSOURCE® XT MMS UPS CE - 50Hz | 225 - 1800 kW | 380/400/415V

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Market Sectors

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Military & Defense


Data Centers

Industrial & Manufacturing



Broadcasting & Communication


Active Power's flywheel technology plays a vital role in safeguarding pharmaceutical production facilities worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and preventing disruptions that could compromise the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

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Military & Defense

Active Power's advanced flywheel technology plays a key role in supporting defense production and military facilities on a global scale. It guarantees an unbroken power supply, effectively shielding against any disruptions that might jeopardize national defense efforts.

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Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems ensure uninterrupted power to critical transport systems, safeguarding passenger safety, and minimizing service disruptions, all while reducing operational costs.

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Data Centers

Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems are deployed in data centers worldwide, offering unmatched reliability and energy efficiency to safeguard critical operations and reduce maintenance costs.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Active Power UPS systems in Industrial & Manufacturing offer unmatched reliability, ensuring continuous production, and cost-effective energy efficiency, minimizing downtime and operational costs.

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Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems provide dependable power protection to maintain seamless operations and guest satisfaction while minimizing operational disruptions and costs in Casinos, Theme Parks and Shopping Malls around the world.

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Active Power is the preferred choice for healthcare facilities, offering dependable power solutions that ensure uninterrupted patient care, protect critical medical equipment, and align with sustainability goals, all backed by exceptional customer support.

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Broadcasting & Communication

Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems are an ideal choice for your broadcast facility, delivering unrivaled power reliability to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting and protect valuable equipment, all while reducing operational expenses.

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