1725 of Battery-Free Cold Cranking Amps

GenSTART™ from Active Power is a battery-free, modular starting system that adds additional ‘nines’ (5 nines uptime) of availability to standby generator sets.

GenSTART™ supplies 1725 Cold Cranking Amps directly from the output of our UPS to the generator starting motor, so you can be assured starting power is available when it’s most critical.


Exceptional Starting Reliability – Drastically enhances the starting reliability of gensets.

Minimal Maintenance – No need for costly battery replacements.

Integrated AC Disconnect – Features a built-in AC disconnect.

Thermal Protection with Auto Reset – Providing enhanced safety and reliability.

Real-time Status Monitoring – Offers the capability to monitor the system’s status in real-time.

Reliable Control Power – Ensures continuous availability of control power for uninterrupted operation.

Flexible Mounting Options – Designed for both floor and wall-mount configurations.

Eliminate the Risk of Battery Failure

The GenSTART™ Starting Module provides reliable power to a generator set engine’s starting motor. Almost all generator sets depend on batteries for cranking power. However, the number one reason for start failures of standby generator sets is dead starting batteries. GenSTART™ is designed to increase the reliability of the generator set starting system to ensure a successful cranking cycle of the engine.


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