Why Flywheel?

Selecting flywheel technology for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems is a prudent choice due to its myriad of advantages.

Flywheels are renowned for their exceptional reliability, boasting a simplified design with fewer components prone to failure compared to traditional batteries. This reliability ensures that critical equipment remains powered even during electrical outages, as flywheels provide uninterrupted power without switchover delays.

Additionally, they demand minimal maintenance, resulting in reduced operational costs over time. Flywheels deliver predictable and consistent performance, further enhancing their appeal. With a longer operational lifespan than batteries, they offer extended utility.

Furthermore, flywheels are environmentally friendly, free from toxic chemicals or disposal concerns, and highly efficient, reducing energy consumption. In summary, flywheel technology stands as a dependable and sustainable choice for UPS systems, addressing critical power needs across various sectors effectively.

40% Lower TCO

Active Power flywheels enable our solutions to have a competitive first cost, reduced installation and setup costs, and significantly reduced operating expenses due to higher energy efficiency and permanent energy storage. All told our solutions will reduce TCO by 40% over the life of your facility.

  • Integrated solution – saves on installation and support infrastructure
  • Highest efficiency – up to 98% energy efficient with full power quality protection
  • Permanent energy storage – no batteries to install, monitor, service, or replace

12x Less Likely to Fail

The integrated flywheel energy storage at the core of our products makes them inherently reliable, delivering predictable, consistent backup power. The normal state of CleanSource Uninterruptible Power Supply is with the flywheel spinning constantly, storing kinetic energy. When called upon during a utility outage, the flywheel is ready to assume the load. By contrast, battery failures are the leading cause of UPS load loss and system downtime, because failures are inherently difficult to predict.

A field analysis combined with a study by Mtechnology, Inc. revealed the CLEANSOURCE® UPS is 12 times less likely to fail compared to a traditional UPS with batteries, dramatically improving the overall reliability of your operation.

90% Less Environmental Impact

Our flywheel’s higher energy efficiency and permanent energy storage make Active Power’s solution the green one. Our flywheel will use 90% less carbon during manufacture than traditional batteries. Our system is up to 98% energy efficient, reducing the ongoing carbon emissions and resulting pollution generated from wasting electricity. And because we have permanent energy storage there are no toxic chemical batteries in your facility, nor the need to install, remove, and recycle thousands of pounds of batteries multiple times over the system’s life.

Flywheels In Action

  • 5,500+ Flywheels in Service

    Active Power has over 5,500 flywheels in service in over 50 countries. Our solutions are trusted by a marquee set of customers across a wide variety of applications and markets.

  • 600+ Million Runtime Hours

    Our systems are field proven, with over 600million cumulative hours of power protection for our customers.

  • $100+ Million in Energy Savings

    Our flywheel systems have saved our customers over $100 million since their introduction, primarily thanks to their remarkable energy efficiency.

Active Power's Flywheel Technology

The concept behind flywheels is quite simple: Objects in motion continue in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Flywheels have been used for more than 5,000 years in textile spindles and potters’ wheels and were adapted to machine use during the Industrial Revolution.

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