Simply Plug & Play

Your system can be deployed almost anywhere in the world.

The controlled closed-cycle HVAC environment means that the POWERHOUSE® can operate in most climates, with operational ambient temperatures between  -25°C to 50°C, and no issues in extreme humidity.

Designed and built inside a standard 40ft (12m) ISO corrosion-resistant steel container, your POWERHOUSE® can easily be transported by truck, train or ship to your desired location and withstand 1611kg/m2 snow load and 300km/h winds on route and on site.

Thanks to our Plug and Play concept, minimal start-up commissioning and on-site management is required – your system can be up and running within days, rather than weeks.

Need to relocate? No problem. Your POWERHOUSE® can be disconnected, transported to a new site, and fully operational again in no time.

“operational ambient temperatures between -25°C to 50°C”


  • Scalable, Parallel Configuration Up to 2667KW
  • Up to 98% Efficiency, Minimizing Energy Loss
  • Battery-Free Design
  • Compact Footprint, Half the Size of Legacy Battery-Based UPS
  • Redundant UPS Fans and Control Power for Fail-Safe Operation
  • High-Efficiency, Redundant HVAC for Temperature Control
  • Integrated Fire Detection System
  • Built with Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Durability
  • Wide Operating Range: -25°C to 50°C
  • Robust Design with a 300km/h Wind Rating
  • Supports Heavy Snow Loads: 1161kg/m²
  • Factory Assembled and Rigorously Tested for Quality Assurance
  • Cost-Effective Shipping Options Available
  • Swift On-Site Deployment for Quick Installation
  • Compatible with Generators for Enhanced Reliability
  • Designed to Last 20 Years for Long-Term Value
  • Optional Gas Fire Suppressant for Added Safety

Factory Tested, Precision Perfected, Delivered Anywhere with Care.

Reliable, predictable and repeatable power doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Active Power POWERHOUSE® is a factory-built and factory-tested enclosed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system designed for all types of environments. With its simple and standardized design, rapid deployment, low cost and minimal onsite management requirements, the POWERHOUSE® offers huge savings and genuine peace of mind.

Welcome to POWERHOUSE®

A Unique Flywheel

At the core of the POWERHOUSE® sits Active Power’s CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS, one of the most elegant, efficient and economical UPS’s on the market.

Our unique and patented Active Power flywheel spins at 10,000 RPM, providing kinetic energy storage in place of traditional electrochemical batteries. This means less maintenance, lower cooling and space requirements, no cycle-life degradation during its 20 year operating life.

With over 5,500 Active Power flywheels deployed and spinning in over 50 countries, our field proven and highly fault-tolerant IGBT architecture protects critical loads every day worldwide in data center, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing applications.

The POWERHOUSE® is available in a standard 1333kW configuration and is customizable from 333kW up to 2667kW, with N+1 options up to 2333kW. It is constructed to be fully scalable, enabling you to expand your backup power infrastructure on demand.

“field proven and highly fault tolerant”

Less Space

Real estate costs real money.

The Active Power POWERHOUSE® delivers one of the most power-dense energy supply systems in the industry, all from within the four walls of a 40ft (12m) ISO container, with custom enclosures also available to suit your needs.

Eliminating temperature controlled rooms for batteries inside your building not only decreases energy bills, but also frees up white space for more critical infrastructure.

“frees up white space for more critical infrastructure”

Less Cost

Factory engineering, assembly and testing of your POWERHOUSE® yields dramatic efficiencies, and can save you as much as 40% on capital expenditures compared to conventional brick and mortar construction.

Our Plug and Play design means there is no need to put time, money and energy into building a covered space for your UPS. Your POWERHOUSE® is ready to go as soon as it’s delivered.

“up to 98% efficient online. TCO at 32% less on day one”

Less Energy

Active Power’s high efficiency UPS architecture is the core building block of the POWERHOUSE® system, requiring just 4.4kW to spin all four wheels in your 1333kW system.

For example, even at a 50% loading, our CLEANSOURCE® PLUS SMS UPS efficiency sits at 97%, which is 2% higher than typical battery based UPS systems. Unlike battery systems, as the load increases, so does our efficiency.

Batteries NOT included.

With your battery-free POWERHOUSE®, you will achieve significant savings in maintenance, operations and space. Eliminating temperature controlled battery rooms reduces energy consumption and diminishes the risk of chemical fires. Never having to replace, recycle or even think about batteries ever again gives you real peace of mind – for your business and for the environment.

“Never replace, recycle or even think about batteries ever again”

Less Carbon

Up to 35% less carbon emissions

With an increase in concern for our planet and business efforts to reduce environmental impact globally,

Active Power is proud to offer a solution that produces considerably lower carbon emissions than any other UPS on the market. For example, over its 20-year lifespan, POWERHOUSE® will produce up to 35% less carbon emissions than a static UPS with lithium batteries in an electrical switchroom.

Less Complexity

One of the most compelling benefits of a POWERHOUSE® solution is single source accountability.

The Active Power team set out to eliminate the time, cost and uncertainty inherent to delivery, testing, integration and commissioning when installing a UPS.

The POWERHOUSE® is engineered, assembled and tested at our ISO 9001 certified factory in Austin, Texas, taking the guess-work and unknowns out of the installation and commissioning phases.

Less Risk

When your facility takes a power hit you can rely on Active Power to be there.

The POWERHOUSE® is designed to be less costly, less complex, take up less critical real estate and be more energy efficient, but above all, we strive to protect your investments with reliable, predictable and continuous operation.

Active Power UPS systems have 600+ million hours of field runtime in over 50 countries, including some of the harshest environments in the world.

Complete monitoring and control software provides real-time system visibility from virtually anywhere to improve your awareness of power related events.

“600+ million hours of field runtime in over 50 countries”

Protecting Your Investment

Regular maintenance and service prevents potential small problems from becoming issues that could cause costly downtime.

Active Power has designed our UPS products with ease of maintenance in mind to ensure your critical power infrastructure operates with the utmost reliability. Unlike battery systems, which sometimes require monthly or quarterly inspections to ensure reliability, CLEANSOURCE® UPS requires simple, non-invasive annual maintenance and a very simple periodic bearing change. This streamlined maintenance schedule both restores your UPS to factory-like condition and reduces downtime during its operating life, improving the availability of your mission critical operations.

Active Power offers flexible service plans designed to meet individual customer needs over the life of the system. Select the plan tailored to best meet your needs and be assured that everything will be taken care of by our qualified Active Power service team.

“simple, non-invasive annual maintenance”


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Military & Defense


Data Centers

Industrial & Manufacturing



Broadcasting & Communication


Active Power's flywheel technology plays a vital role in safeguarding pharmaceutical production facilities worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and preventing disruptions that could compromise the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

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Military & Defense

Active Power's advanced flywheel technology plays a key role in supporting defense production and military facilities on a global scale. It guarantees an unbroken power supply, effectively shielding against any disruptions that might jeopardize national defense efforts.

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Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems ensure uninterrupted power to critical transport systems, safeguarding passenger safety, and minimizing service disruptions, all while reducing operational costs.

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Data Centers

Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems are deployed in data centers worldwide, offering unmatched reliability and energy efficiency to safeguard critical operations and reduce maintenance costs.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Active Power UPS systems in Industrial & Manufacturing offer unmatched reliability, ensuring continuous production, and cost-effective energy efficiency, minimizing downtime and operational costs.

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Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems provide dependable power protection to maintain seamless operations and guest satisfaction while minimizing operational disruptions and costs in Casinos, Theme Parks and Shopping Malls around the world.

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Active Power is the preferred choice for healthcare facilities, offering dependable power solutions that ensure uninterrupted patient care, protect critical medical equipment, and align with sustainability goals, all backed by exceptional customer support.

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Broadcasting & Communication

Active Power's Flywheel UPS systems are an ideal choice for your broadcast facility, delivering unrivaled power reliability to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting and protect valuable equipment, all while reducing operational expenses.

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