…the next generation of green, battery-free UPS from Active Power

  • Same footprint
  • Same price point
  • 20% more power
  • 20% cost reduction per kW

In 1996 Active Power introduced its revolutionary CLEANSOURCE® battery-free UPS. Since then almost 5,000 CLEANSOURCE® machines have been installed, providing green, battery-free UPS to critical power applications across the USA and around the world.

Active Power is now pleased to announce CLEANSOURCE® PLUS, the latest development of its highly successful battery-free UPS.

CLEANSOURCE® PLUS offers 20% more power for the same footprint at the same price point. Or, to put it another way, a 20% cost saving per kilowatt.

CLEANSOURCE® PLUS is available in single (SMS) and multi (MMS) module configuration from 300kW to 1,200kW.

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POWERHOUSE PLUS: upto 1,200kW of green, battery-free CLEANSOURCE© PLUS UPS in a standard ISO container!

About Active Power

Active Power designs and manufactures battery-free flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage products for mission-critical power applications worldwide from its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Austin TX. The company was founded in 1996 and became public in 2001(NASDAQ). In November 2016 the business was acquired by the German Piller Power Systems group. Today, US customers are served via Austin TX and internationally via the Piller global network of subsidiaries and service centers. The Piller Power Systems group is a division of the UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc.

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