Additional sustainability benefits in the latest iteration of CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS

Upgrade to 333kW modules will provide 1MW of back up using 25% fewer units

Austin – July 1, 2022

Active Power, an industry leader in kinetic energy flywheel UPS innovation, has increased power capacity on individual CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS modules making power back-up even more sustainable.

CLEANSOURCE® flywheel kinetic energy storage backed UPS technology is already recognized as providing many environmental and sustainability benefits when compared with chemical battery storage backed UPS solutions.

Now Active Power has raised the sustainability credentials of its CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS series with the latest CLEANSOURCE® PLUS 333kW (MMS and SMS models) module which can be configured to provide 1MW of power back up from just three flywheel modules, when previously four flywheel modules were deployed.

Jack Pearce, CEO, Active Power, says: “The latest iteration of the UPS is the perfect solution for rising power protection demands in a multitude of application environments where sustainability through zero carbon operational emissions and reduced environmental impact through lower embodied carbon cost are required.”

More and more small, medium and large companies across all sectors are evaluating the real financial, carbon and environmental cost of their energy storage choices through the lens of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) needs.

“By taking a Life Cycle Analysis perspective and expanding Total Cost of Ownership evaluation to include operationally high carbon cost of maintenance and component replacement requirements of batteries, alongside disposal costs where components and raw materials cannot be easily recycled, companies are recognizing kinetic energy flywheel storage UPS as the right, long-term sustainable choice,” says Pearce.

Modular and configurable up to almost 2.7MW, the Active Power CLEANSOURCE® PLUS 333kW is the upgrade that provides even higher levels of clean, sustainable power conditioning and protection with fewer deployed units leading to higher efficiencies and adding the extra benefit of lower maintenance costs and an even smaller physical footprint.


About Active Power
Active Power designs and manufactures battery-free flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage products for mission-critical power applications worldwide from its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Austin TX. The company was founded in 1996 and became public in 2001(NASDAQ). In November 2016 the business was acquired by the German Piller Power systems group. Today, US customers are served via Austin TX and internationally via the Piller global network of subsidiaries and service centers. Piller is a division of the UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc.

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