Active Power working to support customers across snow hit Texas as plunging temperatures hit grid power supply

Austin, Texas: February 18, 2020.

Active Power UPS helps protect customers’ vital services in healthcare and industrial facilities across Texas as the state suffered once in a century extreme weather conditions.

As a disaster was declared by Governor Greg Abbott and the White House issuing a federal emergency declaration for Texas, Austin based UPS manufacturer Active Power is meeting the challenge to support customers across the state, despite snow storms, power outages and plummeting temperatures which at one point dropped to -7.6°F (-22°C).

Active Power flywheel-based battery free CLEANSOURCE® PLUS power-back up system is available stand alone or as a modular plug and play POWERHOUSE containerized UPS with an operating temperature range of -13°F to 122°F (-25°C to 50°C) .

The operator of the of the Texas power grid, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), millions of people and businesses were affected and customers were warned to prepare for further power outages.

Jack Pearce, COO, Active Power Inc. said:

“The Active Power team are grateful for the efforts of frontline workers across the state and those working to get the power back on. Our teams are working as hard as they can to ensure our customers’ critical operations are supported despite the challenging conditions. Reliability is what battery free kinetic UPS technology delivers to environments requiring clean, safe and predictable power. The challenges caused by the extreme weather conditions are unlike anything experienced for many decades.”

Active Power’s sustainable 1.2MW POWERHOUSE for backup power wherever it is needed

About Active Power
Active Power designs and manufactures battery-free flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage products for mission-critical power applications worldwide from its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Austin TX. The company was founded in 1996 and became public in 2001(NASDAQ). In November 2016 the business was acquired by the German Piller Power systems group. Today, US customers are served via Austin TX and internationally via the Piller global network of subsidiaries and service centers.  Piller is a division of the UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc

What is a flywheel UPS?
An Active Power battery free, flywheel UPS works when short-term backup power is required because when utility power is lost the flywheel becomes a generator. A flywheel UPS uses stored kinetic energy which is converted to electrical energy. Inertia allows the rotor to continue spinning and the kinetic energy is converted to electricity. Power electronics in the system extract that energy and discharge it as electric power to support the load thereby protecting critical services against disturbances and outages in the power grid.

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