Leisure & Entertainment

Active Power's CLEANSOURCE® UPS and modular power systems have a proven track record of solving power outage problems. 

Our leisure industry customers place their trust in Active Power UPS to power protect their business. Even a short power outage can close a casino, hotel or shopping mall for hours, costing millions of dollars of revenue and damaging reputation with customers. 

Active Power UPS systems and modular infrastructure solutions provide improved reliability over traditional solutions, replacing less reliable chemical batteries with predictable flywheel energy storage.

Power protect your business

CASINOS/HOTELS/SPORTS CENTERS/SHOPPING MALLS Communications and guest security are critical

SPORTS EVENTS AND GAMING SYSTEMS 100% uptime is expected, connectivity is critical

SENSITIVE EQUIPMENT Valuable equipment can suffer damage if not properly protected

Why Active Power?

Our CLEANSOURCE® flywheel technology is elegant, efficient and economical, enabling us to create innovative uninterruptible power supplies, DC energy storage systems and modular power and IT solutions that solve power problems for data center,  leisure, health care, industrial and manufacturing customers around the world.

Active Power's Flywheel UPS

Active Power's products deliver profound advantages to you: industry leading total cost of ownership, reliability and sustainability. Active Power’s Single Module System Flywheel UPS for example, is the perfect combination of total cost of ownership, reliability, and sustainability for any mission critical application. Designed with highly predictable, battery-free energy storage, the Single Module System offers unmatched total cost of ownership for high availability organizations.