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Active Power's CleanSource UPS, Modular Power, and Modular IT systems have a proven record of solving the most important data center power problems. When compared with alternate systems, our flywheel-based products lower your total cost of ownership by 40%, are 12x less likely to fail, and reduce environmental impact by 90%.

Selected by Industry Leaders

My data center now saves $300,000 per year in operating expenses because of Active Power's UPS - a big impact for my relatively small operation!

Early in the selection process, we questioned the use of batteries and conducted a TCO comparison, where many factors tipped the scale, with Active Power saving us the most.

We earned Silver LEED certification thanks in part to Active Power's UPS, and the energy efficiency had undeniably positive impact on our bottom line.


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Why Active Power Flywheels?

Our CLEANSOURCE® flywheel technology is elegant, efficient and economical, enabling us to create innovative uninterruptible power supplies, DC energy storage systems and modular power and IT solutions that solve power problems for data center,  communications, leisure, health care, industrial and manufacturing customers around the world.

Are Active Power's Flywheel UPS a Fit for Your Data Center?

Active Power's Flywheel UPS

Active Power's products deliver profound advantages to you: industry leading total cost of ownership, reliability and sustainability. Learn more about out UPS, energy storage modular power, IT and servicing offerings below.