Los sistemas CLEANSOURCE® UPS, Modular Power y Modular IT de Active Power han probado ser capaces de solucionar los problemas más importantes de energía que enfrentan los establecimientos industriales y las fábricas. Nuestros clientes utilizan nuestros productos como medio de respaldo de las operaciones de producción más importantes en todo el mundo.

In our highly sensitive manufacturing environment we needed a reliable UPS that could handle power disturbances and provide a bridge to generator during an outage. Active Power’s product has never failed.

With the flywheel UPS, we never have to worry about losing power or productivity, and in a factory setting, having that peace of mind is invaluable.

Our company saves nearly $200,000 per year in operating expenses, by eliminating power disturbances and keeping our semiconductor production lines running using Active Power UPS’s.







Active Power's Flywheel UPS Return on Investment (ROI)

Costs associated with power disturbances can be quite significant for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Whether a UPS is a good investment reduces to a simple calculation: how much does the UPS cost, compared with how much it’s going to save the facility over time? With these two facts we can calculate the return on investment (ROI) for the UPS.

Additive manufacturing facilities, for example, can save over $500,000 per year by having an Active Power UPS protecting their 3D printing machines against power failures. 

Why Active Power for Industrial & Manufacturing?

Our CLEANSOURCE® flywheel technology is elegant, efficient and economical, enabling us to create innovative uninterruptible power supplies, DC energy storage systems and modular power and IT solutions that solve power problems for data center, health care, industrial and manufacturing customers around the world. Industrial and manufacturing facilities are different than other mission critical deployments. Temperature, airflow, space, and safety all need to be considered carefully before equipment can be deployed to support production equipment. Active Power’s solutions are a great fit for these applications.

Are Active Power's Flywheel UPS a Fit for Your Industrial Facility?

Active Power's Flywheel UPS

Active Power's products deliver profound advantages to you: industry leading total cost of ownership, reliability and sustainability. Learn more about out UPS, energy storage modular power, IT and servicing offerings below.