Active Power launches sustainable 1.2MW containerized POWERHOUSE solution for power wherever it is needed

Precision engineered, factory-built battery free POWERHOUSE delivers the perfect UPS power solution with huge savings in real estate, capex and opex with reduced environmental impact.

Active Power, the leader in portable power provision and battery-free flywheel power protection, launched its latest-generation 1.2MW POWERHOUSE containerized UPS, the fully portable, plug and play, sustainable solution suitable for use wherever power is required. 

The POWERHOUSE is perfectly suited for deployment in almost any location including city metro-based hospitals where quiet, low maintenance operation is a priority, manufacturing plants which require continuous secure power or the harsh environments typical of many process industries where large scale portable power is vital. 

An operating temperature range of -13oF to 122oF means the POWERHOUSE can be deployed in almost any environment around in the world. 

With a 40ft ISO fully insulated steel container, the POWERHOUSE with Active Power’s CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS is highly secure and easily transportable by road, rail or sea. The POWERHOUSE can withstand 330lb/sq.ft snow load and 600mph winds on route and on site.

The POWERHOUSE is available in a standard 1.2MW configuration and is customizable from 300kW up to 2.4MW, with N+1 options up to 2.1MW. It is constructed to be fully scalable, enabling full expandability of backup power infrastructure on demand.

Precision engineered on the Austin factory floor the POWERHOUSE delivers unrivalled capital and energy efficiency. In capital expenditure terms the POWERHOUSE can save up to 40% of investment deployed when compared with traditional brick and mortar construction. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) sits at 32% less on day one and 36% lower over a 20-year lifespan compared with brick and mortar.

In power efficiency terms at 50% loading, CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS efficiency sits at 97%, which is 2% higher than typical battery based UPS systems. Unlike battery systems, as the load increases, so does the system’s efficiency.             

The fault tolerant design is fully redundant and extremely low maintenance. The POWERHOUSE CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS runs for a full year with just one annual inspection for simple, non-invasive maintenance and a very simple periodic bearing change.

Kinetic energy stored using a 10,000 rpm flywheel in place of traditional electrochemical batteries makes the POWERHOUSE a highly sustainable power solution suitable for continuous critical power. 

With no chemical batteries to manufacture, maintain and dispose of the POWERHOUSE reduces carbon emissions at every lifecycle stage. In a typical 20 year operational lifetime the POWERHOUSE will produce 51% less carbon than a static UPS with lithium batteries in an electrical room saving thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions.

With so much work done in the Austin factory including engineering, components logistics, testing and engineering, POWERHOUSE with CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS technology is an elegant and simple solution needing just testing and commissioning to be done on site. 

Once in operation, advanced monitoring and control software provides remote real-time system visibility to improve awareness of power related events.

Other features include paralleling up to 2.4MW; 98% efficient extended ride through; Redundant UPS fans; Redundant HVAC; Fire detection; Optional gas fire suppressant; Corrosion resistant-steel.

For rapid site deployment of continuous power protection almost anywhere in the world that is sustainable, efficient, portable, and simple to operate with low capital cost and opex, the new POWERHOUSE with CLEANSOURCE® PLUS UPS is the only choice. 

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About Active Power
Active Power designs and manufactures battery-free flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage products for mission-critical power applications worldwide from its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Austin TX. The company was founded in 1996 and became public in 2001(NASDAQ). In November 2016 the business was acquired by the German Piller Power systems group. Today, US customers are served via Austin TX and internationally via the Piller global network of subsidiaries and service centers.  Piller is a division of the UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc.