Single Modular UPS Systems

  • 333kW - 480V @ 60 Hz
  • 300kW - 380 / 400 / 415V @ 50Hz
  • Up to 98% efficient
  • Half the space of legacy battery based UPS

The Next Generation of Green, Battery-Free UPS From Active Power

Active Power’s Single Module System Flywheel UPS is the perfect combination of total cost of ownership, reliability, and sustainability for any mission critical application. Designed with highly predictable, battery-free energy storage, the Single Module System offers unmatched total cost of ownership for high availability organizations.

Up to 98% efficient Half the space of legacy battery based UPS
Parallel up to 8 systems Redundant fans and control power units
Lower installation costs Less heat rejection
Lower cooling requirements Lower maintenance and service
Cost-effective installation Color LCD touch-screen display
Remote monitoring capability Built-in power factor correction
Generator compatibility Integrated maintenance bypass option
20-year design life Dual input (optional)
Seismic provisions (optional)

Total Cost of Ownership

Up to 40% TCO savings through 98% energy efficiency, lower installation costs and permanent storage.


Most reliable energy storage system on the market and proven to be 12 times less likely to fail over battery based applications.


Over 40% less carbon emissions over 15 years to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Flywheel Technology

Stores 6.2 MJ of energy; up to 2 minutes of runtime (load dependent); wide ambient temperature range 32oF to 104oF and high density, high efficiency design.

SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY  - Over 96% efficient at 40% load.

REDUCED COOLING NEEDS  - No need for dedicated cooling for batteries 

LOWER MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS - Routine annual check-up and bearing change every third year.

NO BATTERY CHANGES  - Integrated flywheel with 20-year life.

Parallel Online Architecture

The CLEANSOURCE® SMS PLUS is based on Active Power’s Parallel Online Architecture which provides excellent isolation between input and output, while delivering Class 1 voltage regulation and dynamically cancelling effects of non-linear load harmonics. This topology continuously provides online power protection to your facility, creating a clean sinusoidal output waveform and protecting critical operations against all nine IEEE power disturbances in a power dense, reliable, and energy efficient package.

File Name Size
CLEANSOURCE® PLUS SMS UL - 60Hz | 333 kW | 480V 1.67 MB Download
CLEANSOURCE® PLUS SMS CE - 50Hz | 300 kW | 380/400/415V 3.48 MB Download
CLEANSOURCE® PLUS SMS UL - 60Hz | 250 kW | 400/415V 3.48 MB Download

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