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Active Power's CleanSource UPS, Modular Power, and Modular IT systems have a proven record of solving the most important health care power problems. Our health care customers typically use our UPS and Modular Power systems to support their IT infrastructure, imaging equipment, and some use our UPS's to backup the electrical infrastructure for their entire facility.

Selected by Health Care Leaders

Active Power's UPS technology enables us to deploy a forward thinking power infrastructure design with a low carbon footprint and higher energy efficiencies versus traditional systems.

We need a trustworthy backup power system to protect the hospital from electrical interruption. The main reason we selected Active power was the reliability of their Flywheel UPS.

Active Power's flywheel based UPS systems provide exceptional level so f energy efficiency , with reduce CO2 emissions and impact out bottom line.


Health Care Units Installed


Health Care Customers



Why Active Power Flywheel?

Our CLEANSOURCE® flywheel technology is elegant, efficient and economical, enabling us to create innovative uninterruptible power supplies, DC energy storage systems and modular power and IT solutions that solve power problems for data center,  communications, leisure, health care, industrial and manufacturing customers around the world.

Are Active Power's Flywheel UPS a Fit for Your Health Care Facility?

Active Power's Flywheel UPS

Active Power's products deliver profound advantages to you: industry leading total cost of ownership, reliability and sustainability. Learn more about out UPS, energy storage modular power, IT and servicing offerings below.

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