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Protecting your Investment

Regular maintenance and service prevents potential small problems from becoming issues that could cause costly downtime. Active Power has designed our UPS products with ease of maintenance in mind to ensure your critical power infrastructure operates with the utmost reliability. Unlike battery systems, which sometimes require monthly or quarterly inspections to ensure reliability, CLEANSOURCE ® UPS requires simple, non-invasive annual maintenance and a very simple periodic bearing change. This streamlined maintenance schedule both restores your UPS to factory-like condition and reduces downtime during its operating life, improving the availability of your mission critical operations.

Active Power offers flexible service plans designed to meet individual customer needs over the life of the system. Select the plan tailored to best meet your needs and be assured that everything will be taken care of by our qualified Active Power service team. 

Professional Services - Expert guidance without the attitude

Rely on our technicians, engineers, and project managers for expert assessment, implementation, maintenance and support during every phase of your critical infrastructure deployment and operation. Whether you are looking at a standalone UPS or a turnkey solution, we can assist from start to finish.

Site Survey
Site Validation
System Design

Start-Up & Commissioning
Project Management
Turnkey Installation

PowerService Maintenance Programs
On-Site Training for Unit Operation
Technical Support Services

Installation Services - Ensuring everything goes smoothly

Active Power has developed a program of installation services that help mitigate potential risks right from the start.


Configuration and optimization of your Uninterruptible Power Supply system by an Active Power service engineer including verification of the electrical contractor’s work, system calibration, pre-power check & power up.

Installation Support

On-site technical assistance, guidance and detailed instructions from an Active Power service engineer ensures proper installation and certifies that the unit will be ready for start-up.

Commissioning Support

Confirmation that all systems & components of the UPS system are designed, installed, tested and operated according to your operational requirements.

Warranty & Service Plans - So you can sleep better at night


Active Power’s limited warranty guarantees no-cost repair labor and parts for 12 months after system installation. Additional extended warranty options are available as well.

PowerService Maintenance

Active Power offers flexible plans designed to keep your UPS operating throughout its entire lifecycle.. Select the program that best meet your needs and be assured that everything will be taken care of by a certified Active Power technical support engineer.

PowerService plans provide a number of benefits beyond quality technical support, including:

  • Lower, predictable costs
  • Flexible payment options
  • Priority scheduling and response

Maintenance Services

Keep your investment running

Active Power offers a comprehensive maintenance program that helps to ensure that your UPS system works continuously, without any issues, throughout its lifecycle.

Preventative Maintenance

Preservation and restoration of system reliability before it has an opportunity to fail including the replacement of mineral oil required for proper flywheel operation.

Bearing change

Replacement of the bearing to ensure optimum reliability of the flywheel.

DC Capacitor Replacement

Replacement of the capacitors prior to the end of expected life helps maximize UPS uptime.

Active Power offers customizable training courses on our UPS products. Held at Active Power’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, the training covers the basic design of the UPS and provides attendees with requisite knowledge to perform routine operations and recognize abnormal system conditions. 

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Preventative Maintenance
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Training Services - Expert Instruction on Your System