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Active Power's solutions are driven by motion. Our flywheel technology provides permanent energy storage that helps solve customer problems and provides lower total cost of ownership, higher reliability, and a more sustainable solutions.

  • 20 year operating life
  • Operating temperature range up to 40C
  • No degradation with use
  • Compact, enclosed footprint
  • Limited maintenance required
  • When the flywheel is spinning, power is available
  • Up to 1 minute at typical loads

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Energy Storage Leadership

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We were very particular and deliberate about only selecting sustainable products, so we knew a UPS system with lead acid batteries was not in line with our green initiative. We selected Active Power's UPS over others due to its high operating efficiencies and scalability.
Active Power's UPS technology enables us to deploy a forward thinking power infrastructure design with a low carbon footprint and higher energy efficiencies versus traditional systems.
In our highly sensitive environment, we needed a reliable UPS that could handle power disturbances and provide a bridge during an outage. Active Power's product has nerver failed.
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All of our products are based on the storage of energy through the mechanical action of a flywheel. This elegant solution offers a number of benefits over traditional battery energy storage.

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