Active Power’s Solution for Contact Lens Manufacturer

How Active Power Keeps this 24 Hour Operation Running Full Time


Founded in 1945, Active Power’s customer has grown from a small ophthalmic shop to a global leader in eye care, with over 25,000 associates in 75 countries. The company’s Johns Creek, Ga. facility manufactures contact lenses, houses a research and development unit and serves as a global distribution center.


The company’s contact lenses are manufactured by highly sophisticated robotic equipment. Even the slightest electrical interruption would shut down the assembly line, stalling operations until all of the machinery can be restarted. The company required a reliable critical backup power solution to ensure the factory remains fully operational during an utility outage.


Four Active Power CleanSource® UPS Systems were deployed to protect the robotic equipment from occasional power disturbances. Early in the selection process, engineers decided to deploy a solution with flywheel technology rather than legacy battery UPS, and selected Active Power over competitors due to CleanSource’s smaller footprint and lower total cost of ownership.


Since installation, the assembly lines protected by Active Power UPS systems have not experienced a power-related interruption, even when other equipment within the facility has shut down during utility outages.

We run a 24-hour operation, meaning there’s never any downtime. There’s a huge demand for our product, so any interruption would lead to back orders. Choosing Active Power was a business continuity decision, and the UPSs have never let us down.    

Director of Facilities and Workplace Services



Active Power’s Solution for Contact Lens Manufacturer

Active Power’s Solution for Contact Lens Manufacturer

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