Press Room


Active Power Sale Complete to Langley Holdings PLC
Active Power Stockholders Vote to Approve Disposition Under Asset Purchase Agreement with Langley Holdings PLC
30/09/16Active Power Enters into Asset Purchase Agreement with Langley Holdings PLC
13/09/16Active Power Introduces CleanSource® 275XT UPS with 78 Percent Increase in Flywheel Runtime
11/08/16Oregon Health and Science University Selects Active Power Flywheel UPS for Critical Power Protection
15/06/16Active Power to Help Manufacturers Address Devastating Effects of Power Quality Problems at Additive Manufacturing Europe
23/06/16Active Power Offers First Ever “UPS-as-a-Service” Solution through Burland Energy SA
21/06/16Active Power New Spin on Critical Power Protection Reduces Toxic Lead Use and Carbon Emissions
04/02/16Hydro66 Deploys Active Power Flywheel UPS at 100 Percent Hydroelectric Data Center
07/01/16Active Power Protects Stratasys Direct Manufacturing 3D Printing Operations from Downtime

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