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Why Active Power for Industrial & Manufacturing?

Power Quality Protection

Industrial and manufacturing facilities depend on the reliable performance of their equipment to meet demands for productivity, quality, and cost. Power interruptions, no matter how minor, can not only stop production but can damage equipment, ruin inventory, and cause costly cleanup and delays.

Active Power’s products provide clean, reliable power to your data center, protecting operations against all types of disturbances. Our Uninterruptible Power Supply systems sample the electrical input 333 times every cycle or once every 50 micro-seconds and eliminates every transient using its static switch, line inductance, line capacitance, active filtering, power converters and flywheel energy storage.

The system senses voltage deviation from nominal and immediately corrects back to the prevailing nominal. Upon a complete loss of input power or a major deviation in input voltage or frequency, the UPS will disconnect from the utility source and flywheel energy will be used to support the load at nominal voltage until the backup diesel generator comes online.

A Great Fit

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are different than other mission critical deployments. Temperature, airflow, space, and safety all need to be considered carefully before equipment can be deployed to support production equipment. Active Power’s solutions are a great fit for these applications.

  • Smallest footprint - Active Power’s systems take up to less than half the space of typical battery UPS systems
  • Highest temperature range – Our systems can support up to 40C environments with no degradation in performance
  • Most reliable – CleanSource UPS has been proven to be 12x less likely to fail than battery based systems
  • Less maintenance – reduces disruption and risk
  • 40% reduction in TCO compared to battery alternatives
  • Green – improve sustainability by 90% compared to battery based systems

The UPS Return on Investment (ROI)

Costs associated with power disturbances can be quite significant for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Whether a UPS is a good investment reduces to a simple calculation: how much does the UPS cost, compared with how much it’s going to save the facility over time? With these two facts we can calculate the return on investment (ROI) for the UPS.

Additive manufacturing facilities, for example, can save over $500,000 per year by having an Active Power UPS protecting their 3D printing machines against power failures. Download the Power Protection for Additive Manufacturing white paper and Stratsys case study below for more information.

Solution Overview

For more detailed information about how Active Power solves power problems for industrial and manufacturing customers, view or download our full “Power Quality Solutions for Industrial & Manufacturing” presentation.

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