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PowerHouse 480V

PowerHouse is available in a series of standard systems from 200 kW up to 800 kW of critical power. The solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and scalability to support a wide variety of data centre applications, enabling expansion of backup power infrastructure on demand. Systems include full paralleling support for larger applications.

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PowerHouse 480V

Product Specifications

Sources Utility and Generator
Voltage 480 VAC 3-phase, 3-wire plus Ground from a grounded wye source, clockwise rotation
Frequency 60 Hz
Interrupt Rating 65 kA
Input Breaker Rating 1600A
Protection Critical (backed by UPS and generator) and short-break (backed by generator only)
UPS / Critical Bus 480 kW
Short-break 400 kW*
Voltage 480 VAC 3-phase, 3-wire plus Ground (4-wire with optional 4-wire input)
Frequency 60Hz
Output breaker rating  
No-break 800A
Short-break 4x200A
Voltage Range 480VAC +10% / -15% (programmable)
Frequency Range 60 Hz +/- 10% maximum (programmable) (normal operation +/- 0.2% free running)
Power Factor 0.99 at rated load and nominal voltage
Surge Withstand Meets IEEE 587/ANSI C62.41
Generator Walk-In 1 to 15 seconds (programmable)
Harmonic Current Distortion  
Linear Load <3% at 100% load
Non-Linear Load <8% at 100% load
Voltage Regulation  
Steady State +/- 1% for +/- 1-% input
Flywheel Mode +/- 1% steady state
Transient +/- 1% within 50 mSec for 100% load step
Voltage Distortion  
Frequency 60 Hz (mains synchronized) (normal operation +/- 0.2% free running)
Slew Rate Adjustable from 0.2Hz/second to 3.0Hz/second
Current – Nominal (480 VAC) 723
Audible Noise 72dB(A) @ 27ft
Protection NEMA 3R
Temperature (exterior ambient)
Operating -10 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Storage -13 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
Altitude Up to 3,000 feet
Emissions and Immunity EN 62040-2
Wind Rating 90 mph
Snow Load 25 lbs / sqft
Height 11 feet 6 inches
Width 10 feet
Length 25 feet
Weight 35,000 lbs
Cable Entry Side or Bottom
Cable Exit  
No-break Side or Bottom
Short-break Side
STANDARDS UL-1778 (UPS), UL-1778 (input/output module), UL field listing (optional)
* Estimated based on 100% no-break load and 1 MW generator